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More About Us

Hi, I am Roop and I am incredible pleased to welcome you to Raw Roop. Roop means beauty in Sanskrit and my aim at Raw Roop is to be able to harness natural beauty at its rarest and purest form. I am a certified organic skincare formulator and a certified herbalist and I am incredibly passionate about digging into the depths of nature's bounty and bring out the best it has to offer for all of us while creating ecologically sustainable products. I have also undergone training in nutrition (Afn certified at Level 3) to bring you a holistic and a wraparound approach to skincare. All my products are uniquely formulated by me and are made with quality ingredients you can truly count on.


Do explore my pages to learn more about each of our products and feel free to drop in a line if there is anything I can help you with.

Raw Roop Features

At Raw Roop, we have a vision to provide our clients the best that we can and therefore the below features form the base of our offering.

Clean Luxury

Raw Beauty

We have been able to bring to you luxurious products that have been made with high quality pure and unrefined ingredients that are packed with goodness that take effective care of your skin, so you can truly embrace raw beauty.

Face Care

Sustainable resourcing

Green Beauty

All my products are made with natural and nature-derived ingredients obtained from ecologically sustainable sources. We have adopted packaging the involves minimal usage of non-recyclable material.

Bespoke solutions

Exclusive formulations

At Raw Roop, we are able to offer bespoke skincare solutions and formulations to clients. Please get it touch if you are looking for unique products exclusive to yourself or your company.

Happy Shopper

Focus on customer experience

You come first

Customer satisfaction is paramount for us and we strive to provide a pleasant experience to all our customers. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please do get in touch to see how we can make it right. 

Regulatory Compliant

Thoroughly tested

All our products have been manufactured using good manufacturing practises (GMP) and have gone through rigorous testing and cosmetic safety assessments to ensure they are compliant with all regulatory requirements within the UK and the European Union.

Petri Dishes
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