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Ingestible Skincare

" A healthy outside starts from the inside."

Our vision of holistic skincare does not end at caring for your skin externally. We realise the importance of nourishment of your skin from within and have taken the concept of "beauty from within" quite literally to bring you these 3 powerful blend of superfoods that help to tackle most skin problems be it coercing your body to produce more collagen or getting rid of toxins from your body  or balancing out hormones and reducing stress all of which reflects directly on the health of your skin.

Image by J. Kelly Brito

Collagen Boost

Collagen is the building blocks of our skin. as we age the collagen production of our body diminishes and thus our skin loses its elasticity which results in wrinkles. This edible powder blend is made of superfoods that are known to boost collagen production within the body so you do not need to depend on synthetic or animal sources of collagen to replenish the lost collagen to your skin. For more information or to order click here.

Detox Boost

Toxins are the most common causes of skin imperfections. Toxins, made up of harmful bacteria that do not allow cells to regenerate themselves accumulate in the body and skin being the largest organ of the body naturally gets affected, causing acne, as well as accelerating aging and wrinkling. This detox boost is a blend of natural superfoods that help to eliminate toxins from your body which in turn helps to purify the skin and banish skin problems. For more information or to order click here.

Image by Wesual Click
Image by Alex Loup

Adaptogen Boost

Stress and hormonal imbalance is the gift that keeps on giving in our fast paced lives and it had a direct correlation with the quality of our skin and hair. This adaptogenic blend is made of superfoods that adapt to your body and help to balance out hormones and reduce stress which in turn helps to improve skin and hair conditions like dryness, hair fall, stress-related breakouts, etc. For more information or to order click here.

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