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Collagen Boost

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An award-winning potent mix of superfoods like noni fruit, dragon fruit, camu camu, baobab along with powerhouse fruits and vegetables that can help to stimulate your body to produce collagen. Collagen is the building block of skin elasticty and youthfulness. A daily spoon of this powder (4gms) mixed into water or smoothie can help maintain supple skin.


Note: This is a potent mix of raw and organic goodness without any additives. This product tastes fruity.

Camu Camu* a small yet mighty Amazonian berry, boasts one of the highest-ever natural and stable sources of vitamin C (30 times more vitamin C than an orange). Vitamin C possess the incredible ability to protect skin from both UVA and UVB rays which are one of the top triggers of premature wrinkles, dark spots and sagging.

Noni fruit* juice contains phytochemicals that have notable antioxidant activity, promote collagen synthesis and inhibit collagen degradation. The combination of these effects leads to improved wound healing, skin firmness and elasticity, and overall appearance.

Dragonfruit* Packed with Vitamin C, dragon fruits benefits your overall health. It strengthens your immunity, boosts collagen production and promotes healthy, glowing skin and a youthful complexion

Strawberries* are rich in a number of antioxidants, including ellagic acid and anthocyanin that assist in reducing skin damage from UV rays by inhibiting certain enzymes that contribute to the collagen breakdown including wrinkle formation and other aging qualities in the skin. 

Blueberries* are high in antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients. Together, these may support your skin's ability to fight inflammation related to acne, psoriasis, eczema, and premature aging.

Baobab powder* is high in vitamin C content also helps increase collagen and elastin production.  Its incredible antioxidants help fight oxidative damage and is considered one of the best foods for glowing skin.

Beetroot is high is vitamin C which helps in collagen synthesis and in repairing and preventing dry skin.

Carrot provides vitamin C and beta carotene, two antioxidants that help protect your skin from damage and is also necessary for the production of collagen, which strengthens skin.

Inulin is a polysaccharide with prebiotic properties and it's highly versatile. It helps rebalance our skin's microbiome and moisture/oil levels and nourishes good bacteria to prevent problems such as acne, rosacea, and signs of premature aging.

Linseeds* are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and antioxidants and thus makes for a powerful ally in the fight against aging! Omega-3 fatty acids help your skin stay smooth and hydrated, while the lignans help reconstruct broken blood vessels and skin cells, and antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and UV rays

Pomegranates* are rich in antioxidants and neutralises the effect of free radicals in our body. The anti-ageing plant compounds in the fruit also help in stimulating keratinocyte cells and help in cellular regeneration thereby keeping wrinkles and sagging skin at bay. 


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