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A self-emulsifying face scrub with activated charcoal, green coffee and fruit extracts for that weekly ritual to take off keratinised top layers of dull facial skin and facilitate the regeneration of new brighter skin beneath.


Like the phoenix which rises from the ashes, this facial scrub includes incorporates ashes (activated charcoal) along with other elements of the earth like clay, green coffee powder and fruit acids to break down the old dull layers and give a new life to your skin so you can rise and shine like the mythical firebird.

Exfoliation is an important addition to the daily beauty ritual. By ridding the top layer of dead skin cells, younger, more radiant skin can shine though. By allowing this process to occur, the appearance of line and wrinkles may decrease. This process also prepares skin for moisturizer to be applied by opening the pores, thus maximizing activity. the granules provide exfoliation benefits, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

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