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Rise & Shine Brightening Day Serum

Rise & Shine Brightening Day Serum

£18.00 Regular Price
£14.40Sale Price

New Launch. Get 20% off until the end of July 2024

Experience a radiant start to your day with Rise & Shine Brightening Day Serum from Raw Roop. This luxurious face serum is 100% natural and organic, enriched with white willow bark extracts and songhyi mushroom extracts to illuminate your complexion, even out skin tone and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.. Perfect for health and wellness enthusiasts, it aligns with our commitment to providing pure, effective skincare solutions. Embrace the power of nature and reveal your skin's true brightness in every drop. Make wellness a natural part of your beauty routine with Raw Roop's finest offerings.


Packed in pristine white airless pump tubes that protects the serum from atmospheric damage, these are easy to dispense and ensures you use up every last drop of the product. 

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