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Ingestible skincare: Glow from within

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

"You are what you eat!"

While we all know that the secret to great skin and hair is to take good care of it by using natural and organic care products, we sometimes tend to overlook the fact that the job is only half done if we don't try to take care of it from within as well.

Your skin and hair is a mirror to your gut. No matter what you apply topically, unless you are keeping that gut happy, the skin wont look too pleased. After all it is the largest organ of the human body, nearly impossible to polish all of the surface and make it shiny unless you do a deep clean inside out.

So, lets get cleaning!

We already know the steps to healthy body and healthy skin,

- eat healthy

- exercise daily

- drink enough water

- sleep well

But sometimes we need an extra boost, an extra edge that could get us that glow which makes us stand out in a crowd.

The world is quickly realising the power of botanicals in the form of supplements, vitamins, powders, and ingestibles for skin health. These products are designed not only to combat external concerns (acne, aging, and depleting collagen levels, to name a few) but also promote overall wellness. By incorporating a supplementary boost in your daily routine, you can obtain glowing skin while also regulating your gut bacteria, improving your digestion, and feeling more energized.

Raw Roop brings to you 3 ingestible skincare supplements that will give the boost your skin needs to be the best version of itself.

1. Collagen Boost:

Collagen are the building blocks of the skin. It boosts skin elasticity, plumps out wrinkles and makes skin look young. The body builds collagen to keep skin plump and supple. The building blocks for making collagen come from diet. Most people don’t get enough of the nutrients they need to make collagen. This plant based all natural powder made from 11 superfoods provides the extra boost of collagen-building blocks you body needs in a form that is easily digestible by your body to produce collagen which is then incorporated into the skin and hair. Buy this here.

2. Detox Boost:

Detox is a commonly used buzzword today as more and more people realise the importance of eliminating toxins from your body to promote good health, skin and hair. The detox powder is a blend of 10 potent superfoods bursting with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that jumpstart your body to flush out toxins leaving you with a clean and healthy inside which in turns mirrors on your skin and hair. Buy this here

3. Adaptogen Boost:

These new kids on the block are having their moment in the sun and people cant stop raving about them. So what are adaptogens and why the craze?

Well, adaptogens are not new. They have been around for centuries in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine but the modern world is just waking up to realise the potential of these miracles of nature. Adaptogens are unique healing plants and herbs that "adapt" to your body and help combat fatigue, promote mental performance, support energy levels and give you glowing skin. They are bi-directional, which means they adapt to your body's specific need to boost or supress certain hormones. Our adaptogen boost is a blend of 8 unique gems that balance out your hormones, reduce stress and make you look like you've been basking in the sun. Buy this here

So if you are doing all it takes but still not got the kind of skin you dig, one of these 3 big guys may be able to give you the little lift you need to reach the stars. Do check them out on our shop page.

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